The Future,The Past,The Present

26 Sep

No matter how hard we try, predicting the future is difficult. Too often futurists ignore the economic and political issues that really shape our future. The results are often comical and naive, especially when viewed in the future. This video illustrates perfectly. The future from the past, 1930's

Futurists from our life time have become quaint as well. Buck Rogers in the 25th century. At times producers and designers just can't break away from the styles and conventions of thier present.

Somehow the fast food uniform doesn't fit my concept of the future, Would you like fries with that?

Occasionally due to huge budgets and unlimited talent producers get it right, or least right for a decade or so. The future is the only judge of the success of any future depictions.

A submerged Manhattan is likely at some point, but I will be in the past by then.

The best dipiction of sex droids ever…My only regret living here in the present.

I only have eyes for you, The audio lover. What a great scene.



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