Bigotoni……Open mouth, insert foot

27 Sep

Guido Barilla tops the list of CEO's who do not understand the power of social media. Facebook has been on fire for last couple of days with his recent statements. He stated that Barilla is for families and if Gays don't like it they can buy another brand.

There is something different about this gaff, unlike the Chick Fil A furor of last year. I think this one has an element of humor. Every time I think about I get this image of Mussolini pounding his fist as he delivers an overly dramatic address on the contributions made by the Roman empire to western society. Pasta was not, Marco Polo was the first to import it from China.

I love Italians and I love Italian food and yes I have Barilla in my kitchen, the only pasta I buy. Guido (the perfect name) I am willing to forgive you your trespasses, he's Italian, and just like the infamous “Il Duce” he is incapable of judging the consequences of his statements. Italian hubris is legendary, and if you know any Italian you know at times, you just have let an emotionally charged statement go undisputed. Who cares? It's just an Italian thing. Change the subject. May I have another glass of wine? or your mama sure knows how to do mussels in red sauce. Watch, as that big blustering ego is brought to his knees at the mention of his mother. Italian men are little bad boys most of their adult life,The mama things works every time.

Moonstruck is my favorite depiction of Italian think, if I may quote Loretta, she knew how to handle it.

Ronny: I love you.
Loretta: [slaps him twice] Snap out of it!



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