23 Shocking Things That Were Totally Normal When Our Parents Were Kids

28 Sep

Things that I remember….must be a young writer.

Thought Catalog

Somet things may never change, but some have become truly shocking or taboo in the space of a generation or two. The older generations of Reddit have compiled a thorough list of the things which shock us now, but which were more than acceptable when they were growing up.

1. captshady

When I was a kid, it was common for friends at 6 years old, walk to the store to buy cigarettes for their parents. When I was in High School, a few teachers (mostly coaches) banged students, we had a smoking area for students, and we had “Slave Day” where students would put themselves up for auction to be a slave for a day to another student or faculty member. One black student was bought by a teacher, and had to put her clothes on backwards, and wear a sign that read, “I love my master!”

2. chatgarou


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