The Velvet Lily

28 Sep

Philadelphia is finally out of the closet. Last night I attended the opening of a new shop The Velvet Lily. It’s located just around the corner from Row Home/Kitchenette,on Chestnut street once the premier shopping area in town. Like so many other urban areas the street had lost its luster. No longer home the grand shops of post war America it has for 20 years been home to cheap audio/we buy gold shops, 7 11s and tawdry juniors separates. Things are looking up high-end home furnishings, chic restaurants and now erotic toy stores have taken advantage of lower rents and the street is coming back.

The Velvet Lily is not the condom kingdoms that became popular 10 years ago, with silly edible panties and studded collars. The Lily is for the connoisseur of erotic pleasures. I’m sure it will raise a few eyebrows with its elegant display of high-end merchandise. I loved it, the open bar and the D.J. kept the crowd entertained and intrigued with possibilities of new erotic horizons.

Have a look at the event and the products. A good time was had by all and I bet the after party was even better, but I had another event to attend. Damn it












20130927_193255 (1)


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