Orsen Welles, the Ambersons and Cleveland

29 Sep

At times I read my past postings, I forgot about this one, I like it so here it is again

retail fix

I love Black and White. I also love what Orsen Welles could do with it. I’m sure you have all seen his first film Citizen Kaneand if you have not where have you been? On Mars perhaps?. Orsen’s cinematography is legendary. What he could create with light and shadow is so visually exciting to me I can bearly express it in words, it’s there every time I do an install, Orsen is whispering to me over my shoulder, It’s good, but what how would it look like in B and W? It’s always the test of good composition,without the distraction of color. As I document my work I always save both the color and the black and white image. I have Mr. Welles to thank for that.

I am constantly subjecting my model to Wellesian effects.

His second film, “The Magnificent Ambersons” is a hand book of the…

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