Comme de Garçons

5 Oct


Im still catching up on the Paris Fashion Week, I thought I would take a look at Comme de Garçon. Comme has always been brave trying new shapes and methods of construction, they did not disappoint with the latest collection. An engineering tour de force of layered panels, sculptural forms and to add a dash of romance, bows and rosettes. Garment as Origami, Bold black and white, menswear suiting fabrics dominate.

Personally I think it grew tiresome, and found my mind wandering to images of Charles Chaplin's hobo garb gone berserk. I strained to decipher wearable pieces hidden within the complex garments, a pant here and maybe a jacket there. Thank goodness for the last group, it contained absolutely beautiful and colorful print fabrics worked in the same multi layered patchwork fashion (picture an outfit made of post-it notes) It was a welcome respite from all the dower black numbers that preceded them.

So take a look and decide for yourself. Were they impressive?…Yes…. Were they Art? …Absolutely!….were they wearable?….Not really unless you carried a caution sign stating “Wide Load”….But Halloween is just around the corner..



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