11 Quick Tips On How To Impress People

6 Oct

The basic rules, that work

Thought Catalog

 For anyone out there trying to impress a certain someone (or multiple someones), here’s a quick 101 on how to truly leave a lasting impression:

  • Show off your physical strength —intervene when someone is being harassed or bullied.
  • Show off your figure — skip the second & third rounds of drinks and make a loan on Kiva.
  • Show off your powerlead with compassion and prove that right is might.
  • Show off your wealthtip extra to the taxi driver who gave you $8 in change when the meter read $12.20.
  • Show off your intelligenceadmit “I don’t know, but I’d love to learn.”
  • Show off your mental toughness sit with someone when they’re struggling in shame; others heal you at the same time you heal them.
  • Show off your dance movesgroove, not to impress or suggest, but b/c the melody will burst…

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One Response to “11 Quick Tips On How To Impress People”

  1. vori52 October 6, 2013 at 5:31 am #

    So simple, it escapes most people who rely on all the wrong things…

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