Ernesto Tailors..A Quick Window

10 Oct

20131010-201438.jpgI’ve worked for Ernesto Tailors for longer than I care to admit. After a number of years one can get really familiar with a window space. The number of items and the sizes have become second nature to me,the window is permanently on display in my brain. Today’s install was a perfect example. I threw this one together in record time. Thanks to Google and Staples copy center. Windows have become rapid to fabricate and economical due to all the new technology. This one was only forty bucks in materials, but that was due to fact that I did not have a Mylar tag line on the glass, which would have been at least fifty dollars more. Even so at  one hundred  in material costs  this window was a bargain. The ironic truth about increasing the perceived value of the products it displays.


Silhouette chandeliers have been all the rage of late,( I generally avoid the rage) but this time due to too many installs this week, I wasn’t feeling edgy, chandeliers lent themselves to the Holiday feeling of the tuxedos and dressy suits. The other reason for my choice is the fast approaching Christmas season. In two weeks it will easily morph into a holiday display with a layer of glitz  and a bit of red.






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