No More Cleveland Jokes

18 Oct

I was born and raised in Cleveland and I have never been ashamed to admit it. I love Cleveland. Folks in the East have no idea what the Great Lakes region is about Lake Erie is not a pond, it’s an inland ocean along with its sisters Michigan,Superior,Ontario and Huron. We always lived near the lake Erie, it’s an inseparable part of my life. As a child and adolescent I spent a good deal of time on the beach,imagining I was one of the “Beach Boys” in fact most of my passages into adulthood included the lake, if you get my drift.

Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll

Yes, Cleveland fell on bad times,a number of my most cherished memories are gone, the retail center of downtown died a painful death. The fire on the Cuyahoga river has become an indelible negative legend that I am sick to death of hearing about. Just let me say that Cleveland is nothing like the tragedy Detroit has suffered, Cleveland’s center has always remained intact, unoccupied, yes, but abandoned NO. Cleveland was home to the great founders of the the age of industry, Carnegie, Rockefeller,Mather,Severance even Otis. as in elevators. They all lived in Cleveland. Largely due to its location on Lake Erie, which allowed for easy transportation of materials and goods. Cleveland is home to the first traffic light in the U.S.A. an indication of the amount of traffic once on Euclid Avenue.

Edgewater Park

Edgewater Park

The “North Coast” is a beautiful glacial plane, the lakes and valleys carved by receding ice. The extraordinary Cleveland Metroparks or the “Valley” as we used to call it surrounds the city giving all the residents an easy escape to nature at a moments notice. The Cleveland Orchestra is world-famous and The Cleveland Museum of Art is home to the largest collection of Asian art as well as the huge Monet canvasses of the Water Lilies, sitting in front of them is a must-do in Cleveland. Don’t forget the home teams the Indians and the Browns. Clevelanders are fiercely loyal fans. The Cleveland Clinic has become internationally renowned for surgery. Cleveland is also home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame… The Terminal Tower,Case Western, The Cleveland Arcade,University Circle, Shaker Heights,The Central Market, Playhouse Square…. I could go on and on. In many ways “Cleveland is the Best Location in the Nation” as the old tag line goes and its getting better all the time.

The Carnegie Bridge..

The Carnegie Bridge..

I am so pleased to see that the city is making a comeback, a new generation has discovered the pleasures and convenience of urban living.

It's alive again

It’s alive again

The latest video in the “Downtown is Moving” series by Downtown Cleveland Alliance is, as they say, blowing up on the web. The artfully directed and produced short film by Cleveland-based Fusion Filmworks already has been viewed approximately 40,000 times in under a week. That’s more than previous DCA videos have been viewed in one or two years, given the film.Give it a look-see right below. Absolutely beautiful, They say “Home is where the heart is” a piece of my heart will always be in Cleveland.


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