Nearer, My God to Thee, The Titanic Violin

20 Oct

The Hartley Violin

There is no end to Titanic stories. The legend surfaces every 20 years as a new generation discovers the tragic story of Edwardian hubris. The past almost two decades  have been chock full of media largely due to Cameron’s overly sentimental film. The exploitation for profit has no end. The adoring public now has an amusement park disguised as a “museum memorial” devoted to all things Titanic. An Australian billionaire,Clive Palmer is building a modern replica due to launch in 2016.  A dubious plan at best, he is recreating  the experience through relatively accurate interiors and costumed crew. I wonder if he will offer steerage accommodations?  Talk about flaunting the dangers of fate. He is demonstrating the same hubris that sunk the original, I would pass on that maiden voyage, thank you


I will admit that I, like many others, have devoured all the stories, since I read years ago Walter Lords book “A Night to Remember” the Titaniphiles bible. No other story has such a wealth of irony and tragedy, which has made it so ripe for all the appalling exploitation. In all of hoopla many forget that over 1500 souls met a horrific end in the freezing North Atlantic.


wallace hartley - Google Search - Google Chrome 10202013 81431 AM

The latest Titanic news swirls around the auction of Wallace Hartley’s violin. The instrument was retrieved strapped to the band leaders body [all band members perished that night] The one event that brings me face to face with the weight of tragedy is Hartley’s last moments as the ship descended. All the Hollywood distraction of DeCaprio, the fictitious diamond and Celine’s sappy “My Heart will Go on” disappears. The image of Mr Hartley playing as the sea creeps up the inclined deck is the most emotional event of the sinking and based on fact, not fiction. The height of Edwardian civility and selfless devotion to duty, noble values many today would find hard to believe.

Here’s the link to the auction…

Take a moment to listen..

Then take a look at the floating costume party named the Titanic two an absurd insult to those who died…


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