Barney’s Makes a Big Mistake

24 Oct

Profiling rears its ugly head in the case of a 19 year old black student. The card was his,so why would the sales person notify security? If anything, this is a case where reverse profiling should have come into to play. This young man was the perfect customer for the product. Adolescents are overly concerned with appearances and peer opinion. A middle age white person would wait for it to go on sale or ask for a discount or agonize endlessly whether it fits or does it make me look fat…This guy came in wanting the belt paid for it and left, thats my idea of a perfect customer….get real, will ya?!/entry/shop-and-frisk-barneys-shopper-arrested-for-being-black-updated,5267e1daaa4ed3866270d533

Time for Barney’s to think about who their real, full price paying customers are.



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