Ben Franklin,George Washington and Grace Kelly

26 Oct

Philadelphia played host to the most important events that shaped the United States, Ben, George, Thomas all walked our cobble streets, pondering independence. Ironic that Princess Grace still reigns supreme in Philly, due to her royal connection to an old world monarchies. Years after her marriage the Prince Rainier the 3rd Philadelphia’s obsession with Grace has not diminished. Her wedding gown is still the center piece in the museum’s costume collection.

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This Philly girl hit the big time.

Nothing but nothing pleases Philadelphia more than the daughter of a brick manufacturer should become a glamorous Hollywood icon and then become a Princess. She proved to our blue-collar citizens that anyone could rise to the top [even if it helps to be beautiful]  The mainline gentry many of which cling to their blue blood roots, held her in esteem, perhaps with jealousy that they would never admit. After all she’s one of “US”

Grace with Mom and Dad and that prince

Grace with Mom and Dad and that prince

The Kelly shrine

The Kelly shrine

     The Michener Museum is currently running an exhibit of our most famous success story. Princess Grace of Monaco and Philadelphia, shes still selling tickets.


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