Henri David the 45th Halloween

27 Oct


Henri called me last week, “it’s that time again and your coming,” he said, Im a fortunate guy to have the legendary Henri David to make sure I will attend his 45th Halloween Bash. We dished and gossiped and brought each other up to date, he’s the best, Henri’s old school “out” is inspirational, expressing himself with adjectives that only those of a “certain age” can comprehend. I’ve attended so many I’ve lost count, not quite the 45, but close. There were years when I participated to the fullest extent, when I was a cute young thing. those days have passed and now I’m a bit of a voyeur, None the less, I have already been thinking what I can throw together to be appropriately dressed in order to view those who are undressed. The following is By A.D. Amorosi, For The Inquirer

20131027-055823.jpg It’s one week before his 45th Halloween Ball, and Henri David is tinkering with his elaborate costumes – all three of them. “Maybe four, you know how I am,” says Pine Street’s jewelry-designing party pusher, who has made the pageantry of Halloween his own special mystery. David and partner Paul Struck plan for this bash all year, then continue planning, stitching, erecting, and sawing (he’s been on stilts a few times) until game time. The mystery of David comes in the anticipation – from longtime Halloween Ball fans to the newfound revelers David calls “fresh meat”- of what he has designed, something he never reveals before the big show. One thing he will reveal is two of his costume-contest judges: his longtime friend (and one-time Lickety Split bartender) Elizabeth Coffey, who shot to fame in director John Waters’ Pink Flamingos (1972). The other surprise guest judge will be David’s “new best bud,” Philly Councilman Jim Kenney, “He thinks I’m a riot,” says David. “For Jim’s whole life, he’s been this heavy-duty Mummers guy, but when he saw me doing my thing, he knew he’d met his match.”


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