60’s Window Display… “The Stepford Wives”

2 Nov

For those of you who missed earlier posts..here’s one

retail fix

The 60’s were not as glam as “Mad Men” would have you believe, this group of photos looks like it’s still the 50’s. Actually pre-63 it was still the 50s. Girl Groups were all the rage, Diana Ross and the Supremes released their first 45 “BABY LOVE”  all those girls were still singing about the perfect boy,marriage and going to the chapel…of love…but Dylan was singing the” Times they are a Changin” Change they did, after the assassination of  J.F.K, the Vietnam War and then the death of M.L.K. in 68, Ozzie and Harriet was OVER.

No wonder all the mannequins in these photos look lobotomized, . The 60’s were a turbulent link between the 50’s and the 70’s. The Beatles,The Mod Look, Carnaby Street, Twiggy and of course marijuana. The old school retailers were between a rock and a hard place.From 60 to 65 retail played it VERY safe.[as you can see in these photos] The sexual revolution…

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