35 Years of Collecting…Now what?

4 Nov
What came first the chicken or the egg? I’ve always had a penchant for collecting even as a child. I have also been a “display man” my entire adult life. At this point I ask myself, How did I get all this stuff? Was it a genetic inclination or was it just being on the front line of retail endeavors. If I had been an accountant would I have still have been a collector? probably, but display certainly contributed, the constant need for “things” to do a display. I have created a museum of “stories” all of which have been in a window at one time or another. Now the question is what do you do with all of it?..Ironically its time to open a shop,
My favorite Liners
The SS United States is docked here in Philly
This is my shrine to the Ship
Various Mid Century Items and stainless backsplash from a diner
The Painted Lady a 30 year project
A miniature hotel
Radios another collection
Models and Toys
The Predicta, yes that’s King Kong playing
This is the “Constantinople” collection East meets West at the Golden Horn . My objects of Eastern origin, arranged to replicate the Byzantine style.
The perfect Bedroom decor, at least for me. It’s on the “Dark” side.
Dark with lots of gold leaf
I have a huge number of exotic throws. I love them thrown on everything.
Moroccan dresser scarf and pierced brass tray
I’ve been collecting hanging lanterns and liturgical incense burners as well.
It’s my Greek and Russian background that started me on the icons
This is a fabulous huge hanging Turkish lantern.
A Syrian pierced lamp with beaded fringe.
My galley kitchen is mid-century all the way. that and that from countless flea markets and garage sales
Pyrex beakers arranged chronologically
Neon cocktail sign and Seal lamps
Kitcshy Commemorative plates are fun.
Raymond Loewy for Rosenthal China. Great coffee set.
An ice cream condiment set, now for tea bags
The Living Dining Space a little of everything.

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