Mens Rigging….a tradition and an art

11 Nov

An oldie but a goodie,thought I would post it again

retail fix

Lets talk menswear…I mean real menswear, not the team jersey,visor cap variety. I’ve done mens rigging for longer than I care to remember. It started when I worked for Saks, the display director I worked under had little interest in menswear, he was always too busy dishing with the ladies fashion director. The two of them had taken over a luxurious fitting room in the Revellion fur salon, where they spent hours discussing “good taste” other people’s money and who did what to who in Palm Beach last season. I remember him telling me that mens needed “looking after” with that dismissive tone of  his, he was just a little too too for me. A character straight out of  “The Boys in the Band” [not that there is anything wrong with that] I was an art student hippie in those days, a product of the 60’s scene and he was sooooo 50’s. We…

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