The Christmas Sweater has Returned

24 Nov

The one and only, the"Real" thing

The one and only, the”Real” thing. The most highly prized sweater. It’s that time again, Time to pull out your ugly Christmas sweater. The definitive manufacturer is Berek the originator of the “Art” sweater [as they loosely call them]  I’m sure they are enjoying their  surprising resurgence. True to the tenacity of American industry they have embraced the current trend for their overly “cheerful” designs. Why not? Bad publicity generally increases interest [and sales]  more than good. They are back in fashion albeit for their “kitsch” appeal.”Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” they say. Why they are selling again? Who cares? I say! the fact remains that they are. Good for you Berek, good to see you are still going strong, even though it may be for the wrong reasons.

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Every year about this time at one point or another the subject of Christmas sweaters comes up. Make no mistake I’m no Scrooge and I will gladly don my gay apparel, red turtlenecks red socks and maybe a Santa hat, but reindeer sweaters are just not my style. During my display career I have had to suffer through the task of merchandising a table or 2 or 3 or more of the most God-awful Christmas sweaters imaginable, I thought they had gone the way of other 80’s icons like Olivia Newton John, no such luck. They’re back.

In most urban areas the C.S. had fallen way out of favor, too corny for the fashionistas of the East coast who celebrate everything in black. Not so when you travel a bit South and West including a few regions in suburban Philadelphia. I remember a client in Wilmington Delaware,our neighbor to the south where the C. sweater…

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