Shop Local

30 Nov
It’s not that I dislike the big box retailers, I readily admit that I adore stores like Ikea and Target, it’s just that I am very committed to small owner operated shops. My entire career is due to local retailers. In this Christmas display I let it rip, for two reasons, Number 1, I have been doing Ernesto Custom Tailors for 20 years and have a part in their success, Number 2, they are located in my old hood. South Street Philadelphia.
I have a soft spot for South Street, it played a large part in my life. In the 70’s it was in decline, an all but completely abandoned neighborhood facing destruction to make way for a cross town expressway. That is until the “art” crowd in due to cheap rents. South Street was the first example of what happens when the creative set takes over. Those years saw a wonderful mix of residents and a sense of community, that made the hood prosper again. It’s been 30 years and the street has seen many changes, both good and bad, but it’s still there and I had something to do with the fact.
Ernesto pre-dates the decline, they are the original residents. This year I decided to take a stand with a statement window, for them and South Street and me.



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