The Shopping Bag Hangs Itself

3 Dec
Clever novelty

Clever novelty

This is a clever idea, Origami hits your closet.  Imagine Joan Crawford’s frustration when trying to beat her child with a paper hanger. This is not a solution for “Closet Snobs” like me, its taken years for me to achieve a set of matching hangers, which I derive a great deal of pleasure from. I know it sounds stupid but it’s just one of those small rewards that advanced age provides us. Twice a year when I change the seasonal selection in my closets I edit hangars and replace those that offend me. I’m proud of my selection of wooden hangers [some of which are from vintage hotels]  A career in retail has made me hyper aware of the “perceived value” a hanger bestows upon a garment. One does not hang your best pieces on cheap hangers, I practice what I preach…..”NO WIRE HANGERS” [or paper shopping bags for me] The bag hanger idea is perfect only for a younger set with a limited wardrobe. The “green” aspects are noble, I respect that, a perfect novelty for Old Navy or H&M to enhance their sustainable image. Disposable garments deserve disposable hangers for efficient recycling.

check it out….!


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