Mannequins…..An Imitation of Life

12 Dec

Mannequins……My friends and enemies, I’ve been schlepping mannequins around for longer than I care to relate. Any display person will tell you that its a love hate relationship that one builds with our silent partners. If you have been working with the same “family’ for any length of time a dialogue develops between you and them.

I am the father of a group of  Rootsteins that have obediently portrayed my role assignments in a formal wear window  for 25 years. They have suffered every humiliation to fit into the latest tableau. I will illustrate:


The Lucky guy who got the girl


Still the lucky guy but she also had a fling with his Best-man.DSCN0751

who works as a waiter/chef [which is why she dumped him]


She discovers the man she married is a beast.


Despite his beastly intentions he takes her on a Caribbean cruise.


Which leaves our Best-man to seek a suitable girlfriend.


So…Its back to the restaurant where he meets Joan Collins preparing for Christmas.


Joan is not interested.


Joan leaves to attend a Christmas Fete but forgets her wig.


and our poor Best-man shaves his head to make Joan feel comfortable in public.


But Joan has found a new prospect and hes a sharp kitchens with this guy.


Our beastly groom got dumped in Bermuda and is back where he started from.

I hope you enjoyed my little tableau drawn from previous windows. now read a interesting article to give you a bit a back round on our partners in crime and window dressing.


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