Lord and Taylor, nostalgic elegance in store

15 Dec
Christmas window displays have always played on nostalgia, we have Charles Dickens to thank for that. For years we saw animated 19th. Century London in department store windows (not that there is anything wrong with that) this years crop of display windows have put a new spin on the theme. Lord and Taylor is one of the few that have year after year relied on animation to capture the passing pedestrians attention. This year the store has departed from their usual. The current installation still finds its roots in turn of the century nostalgia with a twist. The use of a chaotic arrangement mixed with printed two-dimensional elements ( slightly reminiscent of a Bloomingdale’s approach) is a welcome change. A change I suspect is due to our poor economy an edict from management to “show the merchandise” and abandon the English “Christmas village” for an American approach. The results are wonderful, discreet product placement and minimal animation, (especially the paper doll dress change) is adorable. The miniature puppets dressed to kill and the images of L&T from long ago make for a throughly charming side-walk experience. Kodos to the display team for a beautiful set of windows.

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