The Dollar is the New Quarter

3 Feb

snow day 3

Yesterday it was 48 degrees the snow from previous storm was gone, not so this morning its coming down thick and wet. For a brief moment my thoughts had turned to Spring but now it seems  winter is here to stay. Time for the bread and milk run again. off I went to the “Stop and Go” our local 24/7 junk food resource. OK, bread, half and half,  a can of coffee and a few packets of ramen noodles, that’s all I need to survive the latest assault. Waiting in line I noticed the cashier unpacking new product. Upon closer inspection I saw it was a local favorite Zitner’s chocolate covered Easter eggs. It’s 20 degrees snow is falling and its Easter? I am fully aware that in my profession pushing the next season is simply a matter of course, but REALLY Easter Eggs? I’m not ready for this, even though their butter creams with dark chocolate are heaven.

I asked for a few when she told me that will be 3.67 I was shocked, these used to be 35 cents a piece, now they are 1.19. Oh man! To add insult to injury they shrunk to half the size, [just like everything has of late, even Oreos] I’m just not meant for this world anymore. I hate sounding like my father in the 60’s complaining that his Chevy new was 2.500. “My first used Oldsmobile sold for 100 bucks” he would exclaim. I can’t even imagine his reaction if he knew that  Chevy loaded would be 26.000 today. A price which sounds reasonable to me. Cars are not candy Easter eggs, they don’t shrink with increasing materials costs [just pay more for options you don’t need] To prove my point look at the photo with a quarter next to the egg. Proof positive that a dollar is the new quarter.

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One Response to “The Dollar is the New Quarter”

  1. Rene Torres February 3, 2014 at 7:19 pm #

    My ex used to talk about his grandfather who talked about going to the store and everything used to be two cents. I can’t remember his name but I remember this anecdote. My own mother used tell me that as one of eight kids they did not have too much spending money to go and buy much. Every so often my grandfather would give her a penny that she would use to buy candies for all her brother and sisters. Times they are a changing or….Yes, the dollar is more like the new penny!

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