American Hustle..remembering the 70’s

11 Feb
I graduated from high school in 1970, still a wearing all the trappings of the hippie decade. Off to art school I went. My garb then became a mix of “peace and love” tinged with the art students need for creative expression. Due to the fact that I was poverty stricken my wardrobe was honed from the local thrift shops. In the 70’s the shops were brimming with pieces from the 40’s and 50’s, it was a bonanza of beautifully crafted men’s wear that could be had a dollar or so. My hippie image started to morph into a retro statement ( the word retro did not exist in the 70’s we called it “vintage”) Due to the glut of great clothes from the closets of the previous generation Vintage shops popped up everywhere. Some of you out there might remember companies like “Reminiscence ” they specialized in vintage and vintage inspired pieces.
The Hawaiian shirts from  Reminiscence  were an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe.

All the while this was going on modern fashion was responding to the advent of “Disco” Everything changed by 1975 gone was the thrift shop fashion to be replaced with synthetic fabrics, fashioned into bell bottomed trousers, and the ubiquitous “Nik Nik” shirts, those skin-tight unbuttoned shiny garments that bore images of the “high life” cars, babes and loud abstracts. I remember well the rash of disco window display I was obliged to create. “Saturday Night Fever” in 1976 was the epitome of the era. John Travolta’s white suit is the iconic symbol along with the high-heeled shoes for both men and women, the higher the better.

Who could forget this?

The perfect Nik Nik. I still have mine


The must have

The Jourdan ankle strap

Women’s wear was all about Halston, unconstructed bias cut draping was “De Riquer” for making the scene. The less under garments the better, plunging necklines left little to the imagination. The 70’s were the Baby Boomers decade of abandon, we were in our 20’s and wasted no time expressing it on the nearest dance floor. (Lit of course)

Halston was The designer

America Hustle brings back to life the “look” of the 70’s. The art direction is detailed to the max. The pattern upon pattern is everywhere, the metallic wall papers, designer sheets, the bright polyester suits, the aviator glasses even the old microwave ovens that were the fabric of the 70’s.
A video about the costuming, check it out,

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