Dsquared2 Men’s Fashion ..Bali Hai will call you..

13 Feb
I've spent this miserable winter morning poking around the Men's fashion week videos, I found Dsquared2 to be the most entertaining. I guess that due to my age the “South Pacific” theme was both delightful and ridiculous at the same time. The height of my dramatic career was a high school production of South Pacific. Needless to say it did not include “the birth of Venus” portrayed by lounging tightly whitey briefs to the strands of Bali Hai. Yes, I'm still giggling like a school girl at the absurdity at the same time I am pleased that the musical, essentially a tribute to WW2 veterans could be defiled in this manner. We've come a long way, baby.
Aside from those reclining by the tropical pool I really liked the show. While other designers are trying to redefined the shape of men's clothing D is sticking to the traditional. Few American men care to look like Asian androgynous 90 pound weakings. American men just bigger, so give em what they will wear.

OK the “too small jacket” is still the vogue but this to will pass. It's fine if you are 19, but not business like for those who work in professions other than fashion. I really like the fabric, can I get it in a 40 short?
Great looking ensemble, I'd do it in a New York second.
The “mechanic look”
Cool jacket
Always liked the full shorts
It's a fashion show, remember, they had to do a grass skirt some where. If they have real nerve they would have sent Luther Billis down the runway in his coconut shell bra.
http://youtu.be/IYEdezKgbrk…the original number Mitzi Gaynor
http://youtu.be/LiSlMpGguaE……. Take a look the fashion show

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