My own Private Grand Budapest Hotel

7 Mar
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My own Budapest..The Painted Lady

It seems all the buzz this morning is about the Grand Budapest Hotel. Well let me tell you about my own hotel. I am obsessed with miniatures, can’t explain why I just am, models fascinate me. Ever since I was a child I have been building models you name it I’ve built it. I had every building set available as a child, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, Erector Sets, Girder and Panels, AMT 3 in 1 car models, Lionel trains everything! I am fortunate that my parents recognized my passion early on, despite their worry about my somewhat anti social attitude. I simply preferred to be alone living in a fantasy world of architecture and auto engineering, in retrospect, playing out “The Fountain Head” scenarios where I was in control.

I’m no different now, in fact I’m more like the I was as a child than ever, due to age as Picasso so wisely understood, It takes a long time to become young. Back about 30 years ago I ran across a miniature kit that captured my imagination in a big way. A house kit, little did I understand where it would lead me. The “Painted Lady” has grown continuously ever since. The perfect winter project every February and March she gets an update. This year was ideal for nesting, its been a long hard winter so the Lady is getting an overhaul. Bare in mind she’s old and [just like me] in need of maintenance. The electric system was failing and she was really dusty. Over the last week I tore into a revamp, re-wiring, replacing bulbs, restoring pieces that have fallen off and making a few decor changes.

There is nothing that I savor more than rising very early and throwing myself wholly into a creative pursuit. As we grow older it becomes harder to find time to do anything creative due to this crazy world we live in where distraction has become a constant companion. I will say that advanced age has its advantages, I no longer allow myself to be pulled down by the daily stream of problems, I now make room for that “oneness” that can be found in doing exactly what you do best, they are precious moments and time has a way of growing short. The Painted Lady and I are the best of friends she is the embodiment of all things I am now and those things I have always been.

A bit of everything I am

A bit of everything I am

The Grand Budapest Hotel speaks volumes to me, especially the model making aspects of the film. Messy Nessy, Wes Anderson and I are kindred spirits. Take a look at the latest post from my favorite blogger Messy Nessy,

I am so down with this its hard to express.

I am so down with this its hard to express.

Now take a look at my own Budapest Hotel “The Painted Lady”


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