Store Planning



Part 1. Concept and Preliminary, which includes the following

  • Initial onsite visit…Client will be responsible for travel expenses beyond 60 mile limit
  • Location survey
  • Onsite photography
  • Utilities survey
  • Creation of 2D floor plan
  • Preliminary Virtual Drawing of project, including all fixture placement and additional suggestions for increased sales
  • Multiple client/designer discussions

The hourly rate is $100.00.  Drawing and design fees are based on size and complexity of drawing. TOTAL COST NOT TO EXCEED PRICE QUOTED IF UTILIZING STOCK FIXTURING.

A deposit fee is required to commence the “Concept and Preliminary”.

Concept and Preliminary portion is utilized when working with stock items either ONLY or as a necessary first step to a custom fixture proposal. If stock fixtures are proposed, the concept portion can provide client with the necessary information to commence discussions with suppliers and contractors of their choice.

Development and Detail portion is utilized as the second step when a client requires fabrication of specialized fixtures, custom millwork or Research and Development of more highly individualized installations.

Part 2. Development and Detail, which includes the following:

  • Color and material selection
  • Development drawings; exploded views of materials and dimensions for fabrication
  • Downloadable 3D avi animated walk-through of interior
  • Multiple client /designer discussions
  • On-site meetings
  • Submittals for pricing to our preferred sub-contractors. Additional submittals will charged to client.

Additional deposit will be required to complete the Development and Detail portion and will be billed upon client approval of the Concept and Preliminary step.  Hours will be billed weekly after initial deposit to commence work.

The hourly rate is $100.00. An estimation of time required will be quoted, based on services provided. ADDITIONAL SERVICES SELECTED BY CLIENT BEYOND INITIAL ESTIMATION WILL BE DEFINED AND BILLED

Addtional Services

Professional architectural approved drawings for submittal to state or local authorities are available at additional charge and will be billed separately.  

Designer supervision of installation of all products provided available at a cost of $350.00 per day, plus travel and lodging expenses. 

Merchandising and Display services are at a cost of $350.00 per day, plus travel and lodging expenses. All material costs are client’s responsibility.

Production time for working drawings such as Demolition Plans, Framing Plans, Electrical Plans, Façade Treatments and Exterior Signage will be billed by separate invoice at $100.00 per hour.

  • Paint and material board presentation
  • Specification of additional equipment and stock room, office and receiving
  • All additional images or graphics for exterior signage or in-store display or branding purposes
  • Lighting and electrical issues

Client will provide:

  • Product categories
  • A contact person to answer site questions
  • All necessary permits

Timeline. It generally takes two weeks to complete the preliminary drawings. The length of time is dependent on the availability of client and the complexity of the project. If the space is fitted with in-stock fixtures, the turnaround time can be shorter. Following is a basic timeline for design procedures.

1. Initial Consultation – Three to seven days

2. Completion of Preliminary Drawings -Two to three weeks

3. Review and Revisions – One to two weeks

4. Development and Detail Drawing – Two to three weeks

5. Finished Drawings and Price Quote – Two weeks

6. Delivery of Custom Fixtures- Four to six weeks.

7. Delivery of Stock Fixtures- Seven to ten days.


Store Planning and Design       



2 Responses to “Store Planning”

  1. martin m. pegler May 11, 2011 at 2:39 pm #

    I am the editor of Retail Design International as well as the author/ editor of the Stores of the Year and Store Windows books. Saw your statement about Retail Reporting Service. I wrote the copy and edited that service from 1985 till it turned into several other magazines and is finally part of Retail Design. Would be interested in seeing some of your retail projects for possible inclusion in the magazine. You can check the publication out at:
    Looking forward to hearing from you. Martin M.

    • vori52 May 11, 2011 at 4:39 pm #

      Mr. Pegler….Such a small world…I had hundreds of these photos for years and decided to post them…They are
      a great “window” into the past..As you can see they strike a cord with those of us from a retail backround…and you were the editor! Thank you for your interest in my work, I will respond soon..just been busy of late,[its about time] I feel a bit of an upswing in the mood of retailers,they are starting to plan facelifts for their interiors again…I think Fall will be strong this year. Thanks again

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