about Lynne


Where others see empty windows and raw spaces, I see endless possibilities. I am limitless in imaginative concepts to create arresting and noteworthy presentations that produce sales. My experience and familiarity with cost effective materials guarantee my clients a realistic approach and on time delivery.
The source of my creativity lies within a mental box. If stimulated by an exciting project it generates a stream of visions. I see an empty space, my mind takes off. I start to draw, forms, colors, products, visual dialogues, a tableau of dramatic premises. These visions coalesce within my minds eye and filter into an artistic interpretation to fill the void with a “story

My strongest creative ability lies in drawing and color theory. I have extensive experience in branding applied to custom three dimensional display fixtures to underscore the of importance  perceived value and maximize product impact.

 I am thoroughly familiar the appropriate use of forms, mannequins and the display window presentation. I also have proved myself an adept store planner. I have also coordinated a number of memorable events and celebrations.

I have been responsible for numerous and varied “Turn Key” store completions. From the first “napkin sketch” to the grand opening, I pride myself on realizing my client’s vision assisting in their success.

One Response to “about Lynne”

  1. Anonymous November 5, 2011 at 10:35 am #

    we should all meet someday – same curse – shoeboxes full of napkins with bleeding “flair” sketches of windows, p.o.p., time machines, dg williams vintage mannequins made into lamps and bookcases… it’d be a fun dinner… started professionally in 74 and have never stopped…

    : )

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