about Vori

My brain foods are: Metropolis, Architectural Digest, ID, The Week, New York Times, The Huffington Post, Architectural Record, The Daily News and recently Mad Men, True Blood and The Newsroom

The Painted Lady” lives on a table in my studio a compulsive hobby and recent projects

Ethnographic study, fine art, craft, soundtracks, media, interactivity, engagement, motivation, loyalty and trust … merge with my brain’s database. Form and function. 

They all take on new applications in the life of retail.

From concept through the multitude of phases to finish, the perspective of the consumer always leads me to singular solutions for my clients. And for both consumers and clients,

I cut new edges into their markets.

Whats the bottom line of any entity’s product? Nurturing the evolutionary life of a trusted brand is paramount to capturing market share. Fantasy, expectations, reality and fulfillment must be surpassed.

Management? I engage and direct contractors. I absorb, I teach, I train, I listen. And I’m rarely happier than when I’m challenged.

I understand what you’re looking for.

I know how to bring it to you.

My career in visual merchandising has lent me a wide exposure into a large number of number retail categories, Ladies, Sporting goods Men’s custom tailors, Children’s Infants, Home Goods, Cooking, Formal wear, Grocery, School bookstores,Spas, Aftermarket Auto, Motorcycle Apparel, ATVs, Electronics, Jewelry and more.
Well versed in my field I have a tried and true for solution for every occasion and more importantly simple, fast and budget minded answers. I average 14 store plans per year and a freelance load of 8 clients for whom I seasonally merchandise.
My clients average 18 years utilizing my services a testament to my value in their organizations.

As for references and presentation/portfolio … I’m glad to share them.

Vori Kriaris



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