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The Red Carpet Project.

3 Mar

1-oscars 2014 - Google Search - Google Chrome 332014 62654 AMThe Red Carpet has become the most anticipated fashion event of the year, right up there with Fashion Week. Never underestimate the carpets influence, it both follows and dictates the current styles and colors that are considered “fashionable” by those of us who rarely have the opportunity and the funds to really “dress”

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Last nights presentation was very entertaining, due to Ellen’s informality in mixing with the celebs, taking selfies ordering pizza and occasionally hinting at her orientation. Pharrell’s rendition of ” Happy” was wonderful, as was Bette’s rendition of “Wings” I still adore Midler and she looked terrific. Pink’s performance of “Rainbow” was flawless, especially when you consider that all of Garlands children were in the audience, a heavy responsibility to say the least.


Leto’s acceptance speech was touching and completely unrehearsed, I was very impressed. Lupita stole the show, she is so lovely and honest and unspoiled by her recent fame.20140303-053530.jpg

All in all everyone attending was beautifully put together. The gowns were all beautiful due to minimal black, pastels were in abundance. The men’s attire was by in large classic, thank goodness the bow tie tux is back, the vest showed up as well. The blue tux and white dinner jackets were a welcome addition to the men’s choices.

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Oscar Weekend

1 Mar
It’s here again, the Oscars. Just like many others, I really didn’t get a chance to see any of the films that were nominated. No matter, I’m only really interested in the gowns and tuxedos worn at the event. I’ll watch the films after I see who wins. Here’s a wonderful compilation of the gowns worn by all the best actress winners since the first awards ceremony in 1929. A handy tool in case you fallen asleep before they finally get to the best actress category, like I inevitably do every year.
Mediarun  has done the work by putting together this infographic of all the gowns that have been worn by Best Actress winners since the first year the Oscars were held in 1929. Great job guys!
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