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Dries Van Noten, “Curating Inspiration”

2 Mar
Dries curated an exhibit in Paris at the Museum of Decorative Arts. “Curating Inspiration” Pulling together his own work along with that of other designers, he visually demonstrates the elements that inspires the garments.
Would love to see this, but that is not going to happen. Here’s the link

Animated Paintings…

8 Nov
Need a laugh? The following animations will do it. Nothing I like more than irreverent takes at the alter of “Art”

Knit bombing for Knit Wits

30 Oct

I just don’t understand where this strange craze came from…Knit Bombing has been surfacing here and there for a couple of years. The first I saw was on tree trunks, now it’s spreading to cash machines and parking meters…you name it..it’s been bombed.

knit bombing - Google Search - Google Chrome 10302013 45424 AM

I must admit its a more entertaining than spray paint graffiti, and it takes more talent to apply


Can you believe this bus? How long did it take to pull this off, pretty amazing.

yarn-bomb.jpg (570×383) - Google Chrome 10302013 45213 AM

Even Rocky has been Bombed, although I’m sure its not the first time.


We’re Bullish on knitting, certainly a refreshing alternative to corrupt investment practices. Was only a matter of time before a savvy retailer grabbed on to the idea.

fashion and mash  Where designer meets digital - Google Chrome 10302013 50359 AM

Warehouse a British retailer did just that. They launched a campaign encouraging the public to snap photos of their attempts at bombing, with a tag of course.

Bombed and tagged, I like it..here’s the link fashion and mash

The Cut-Away View..

15 Oct

stephen biesty's incredible cross-sections - Google Search - Google Chrome 10152013 44522 PM

The cut-away view, another victim of the age of virtual everything. As a child I was obsessed with these drawings, I spent hours carefully inspecting every minute detail. My own adolescent drawings were much the same I would draw detailed city blocks of buildings striving to include every conceivable detail. I was a strange kid, I had a penchant for disaster views, earthquakes and end of the world tableau were my favorite subjects. Many of you may know that I am still doing  fundamentally the same thing as an adult, the strange kid managed to make a career out of his childhood passions. Now it’s mostly 3D in nature but the same none-the-less.

stephen biesty's incredible cross-sections - Google Search - Google Chrome 10152013 44655 PM

The Roman Coliseum

stephen biesty's incredible cross-sections - Google Search - Google Chrome 10152013 44731 PM

A Spanish Galleon

Stephen Biesty’s incredible cross sections [which he draws by hand] bring back the memories of those hours spent as a child, consumed with my own ability to draw that which I imagined. I am older than Stephen, my cut-away inspiration came from magazines and advertisements. Popular Science the Saturday Evening Post and Life were a great source. The drawings I remember were mostly done by Frank Soltesz “the master of the Cut-Away” His “How it Operates” drawing are amazing, the detail is intense. Not only did he draw it imagine the amount of research it took to understand the operation, in the days before Google.

I couldn’t get enough of this sort

Ships were the best

Ships were the best

Trains were real good too

Trains were real good too

The Lost Art of the Cutaway  Messy Nessy Chic Messy Nessy Chic - Google Chrome 10152013 53303 PM

The Lost Art of the Cutaway  Messy Nessy Chic Messy Nessy Chic - Google Chrome 10152013 53148 PM

This is where I ended up

This is where I ended up

The Lost Art of the Cutaway  Messy Nessy Chic Messy Nessy Chic - Google Chrome 10152013 53339 PM

Too Greek for me…hit too close to home

REALLY liked this one I clearly remember seeing this,somewhere before.

REALLY liked this one I clearly remember seeing this,somewhere before.

Take a look at more Frank…http://www.flickr.com/photos/leifpeng/sets/72157600024625909/

Bergdorf Goodman and Jason Hackenwerth

21 Sep

The first time I saw Jason’s work was here in Philadelphia. He installed in a very large factory space. I was very impressed, I had never seen balloons used with such artistic sensibility. The ironic juxtaposition of his huge imposing pieces is their fragility, an ephemeral event, lasting only a few days.

As I was browsing the Internet this morning, I came across a set of windows installed at Bergdorfs, guess who provided the theme, Jason. I knew back when I first saw his work that it would make for striking window display. Sure enough it did…take a look,

Take a look at his Blog… http://jasonhackenwerth.blogspot.com/

Balloon Dresses

19 Sep
Balloon art by Rie Hosokai

Balloon art by Rie Hosokai

Rie Hosokai is a world renown balloon artist. Her sense of fashion and  her amazing technique has made her a much sought after performance art practitioner. I’m sure she captivates every audience she appears for. Truly exceptional.

Balloon art by Rie Hosokai


Balloon art by Rie Hosokai

Balloon art by Rie Hosokai

Balloon art by Rie Hosokai

Balloon art by Rie Hosokai

Balloon art by Rie Hosokai

Balloon art by Rie Hosokai

Balloon art by Rie Hosokai

Balloon art by Rie Hosokai now Thats a Wedding gown

Balloon art by Rie Hosokai Even deflated its extrodinary

Balloon art by Rie Hosokai Even deflated its extraordinary.

VIntage Window Display

13 Sep

As a follow up to the previous post, here are some shots of displays from the 70's some designed by the famous trimmers of the day…It was the turning point in retail merchandising and display.



The Painted Lady Costume Ball

20 Oct

My own little MGM costume epic

As a child I remember my Grandmothers collection of Woolworth porcelain figurines,18th century sentimental portrayals of courtly personage. They were mass-produced in Japan after the war, strictly for the American market. When one considers the high level of Japanese craftsmanship one has to wonder if they were a form of secret revenge waged on the Western Caucasian devil. They are somewhat carelessly painted and totally lacking in the detail one expects from Asian crafts.

If you look closely you will notice that they are marked “Occupied Japan” to assure the American buyer that at least part of the price was going into U.S. bank accounts, therefore it’s alright to purchase from a former enemy, now  repenting for their membership in the  evil Axis and has embraced democracy.

Time heals all wounds and makes even the lowliest knickknacks desirable. These items have become collectible, once costing a dollar, give or take, they fetch 10 to 20 times that. Devoted Flea marketer that I am I will not pay retail for anything. I must admit they strike a nostalgic chord in me, simply based on childhood memory. Recently I have haunted a few markets due to the autumn weather and the fast approaching holiday season which in October means cheap. My intuition was correct, the sellers need cash and prices were low. At one such booth I spied an entire collection of the little gems 7 pieces in all for 3 bucks each, snapped them up in a New York second. My sis will love these,I thought, until I got them home and realized that their scale is a perfect fit for my obsession “The Painted Lady” sorry Evangeline looks like they found a home.

What better for The Painted Lady than painted ladies?

Of course I couldn’t wait to stage a little scenario using my newly arrived actors.  My own M.G.M. period costume ball…the link is your invite.


The Painted Lady and the Spooks

11 Oct

The Painted Lady is a project of compulsion with me, it’s a 30 year project that has kept me busy during the long winter months. Last year while waiting in line at a Rite Aid I spotted in the half price dump display a garland of plastic skeletons,in a rare moment of pure creativity it dawned on me that they were a perfect scale for Painted Lady. I love taking photos of my miniature hotel, so I thought what better than an invasion of spooks, a dinner party attended by the dead ( I’ve been to a few of those)

As Halloween approaches, and I sit here watching, The 13 Ghosts on TCM I’ve decided to share my effort, with my readers,last year I produced this post Halloween, the skeletons were half price after the event. This year it’s right on time. The Cafe De Paree in the Painted Lady presents the Spook Dinner .

Hit the Link to join the party


Gone to the Dogs

30 Sep

Upon occasion a window change can lead to a  new direction or maybe even real “Art”. I think I hit upon something today.Due to the various and endless opinions on what is “Art” and what is not, I will leave it to the viewer to decide [which is where it belongs anyway]Image

It’s Sunday afternoon and have a window change coming up in less than 10 hours, what to do?  much to my surprise I came up with a good attention-getter [I constantly amaze myself that I still have what it takes] The product is Fall suits and jackets in shades of blue, hence my tag is “True Blue” OK.. now what does true blue conger up? The first thing that came to mind are dogs,”Mans best friend” they are certainly true blue. Why not? everyone loves canines, can’t lose. First to Google then to Staples for printing, three hours later and I have a pack of pooches, mounted and cut out, little “standees” like in movie house lobbies.


“Sit.Stay” That’s a good boy

As I was cleaning the spray glue off the poor war-torn hands it occurred to me what a great photo opp they would make if I took them in front of my house and posed them around my planter and sidewalk tree [perfect i thought, every hipster in the hood lets them pee out there, now is my chance, a pee-less pooch or maybe a dog scare crow. Anyway it will be fun,what the hell.


Com’on Maggie do it for Daddy

Much to my surprise the effect was rather good,I spent a long time looking for above head for-shortened photos [easier to cut out who needs all those limbs] It looks like a dog, a strange dog,  but none the less humorous and humor sells.


“Rolf” says stay away from my tree

I was rather proud of my accomplishment so I posted on Face Book my friends all loved it, some even labeled it “Art”


I  think I’m on to something here or is it just another window display, maybe I’m channeling Patti Page. All that remains to be seen, although if the question. “How much is that doggie in the window?” pops up after I install this, I will know I crossed over…”Display as Art” and a new career. WOOF!

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