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Die Antwoord….Got some Stylin’ Goin On

9 Feb

I recently got turned on to Die Antwoord by a  friend. These South African Hip Hop artists have it goin on for sure.Love it or hate it I can’t deny the visual impact they possess in their videos. It’s Texas Chainsaw meets Dada anarchy with plenty of  carny sideshow thrown in. Dave Letterman had them on last week, I’m not sure what he thought of their performance [which was toned down for network broadcast] but I have to give him credit for having them on. Politically incorrect, without a doubt I am willing to forgive a few lyric statements do to the visual art in their presentation, disturbing,vulgar and violent, of course. Despite all that  I find myself  drawn to the erotic undertones and slight hint of social commentary they present. Never have I said that art has to be pretty to reach an emotional chord in the viewer. They focus their attentions on the very multi-cultural mix of South Africa and the conflicts that arise in such a divergent society.  I really like “I Fink U Freeky” and I like you alot….so do I.

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