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Dries Van Noten, “Curating Inspiration”

2 Mar
Dries curated an exhibit in Paris at the Museum of Decorative Arts. “Curating Inspiration” Pulling together his own work along with that of other designers, he visually demonstrates the elements that inspires the garments.
Would love to see this, but that is not going to happen. Here’s the link

Times they are Really Changing

25 Feb

1-Nate Berkus And Boyfriend Star In Banana Republic's First Same-Sex Ads - Google Chrome 2252014 62548 PM


Banana Republic has launched a same sex campaign using real couples, Nate Berkus and his fiance Jeremiah Brent and are they ever cute.

2-Nate Berkus And Boyfriend Star In Banana Republic's First Same-Sex Ads - Google Chrome 2252014 62618 PM


3-Nate Berkus And Boyfriend Star In Banana Republic's First Same-Sex Ads - Google Chrome 2252014 62642 PM

Other retailers are “coming out” as well….take a look at Buzzfeed.. http://www.buzzfeed.com/juliegerstein/nate-berkus-boyfriend-banana-republic-ads

New York Fashion Week

9 Feb
Fall is texture, faux fur, loose knits, netting, embroidery. Multiple layers of fabrics that create color like a transparent watercolor painting (Chanel is right on the money) Fall is beautiful this year. The short jacket over body concious under pinnings, sexy, fun and luxe.

Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Old School Glam

6 Feb
Old School Glam

Old School Glam

Way before Paris Hilton there was Mrs. Zsa Zsa Hilton…The Gabor sisters were a glamour trifecta  Zsa Zsa ,Eva and Magda, talk about sister act! It was Zsa Zsa who out shown her sisters, Eva made up for lost screen time when she landed the part in “Green Acres” and Magda was a sensible girl.

05-zsa zsa gabor - Google Search - Google Chrome 262014 13156 PM

Moulin Rouge.. playing the French coquette

Her acting career thrust her into the limelight, she appeared in a number of films the most famous being Moulin Rouge . My favorite The Queen of Outer Space is the lowest budget camp film of all time. The story of a planet inhabited by a race of Amazon women, led by an evil disfigured queen [who wears a mask] She is hell-bent on destroying all the men on Earth. Claiming that it was wars waged by men that were responsible for her mangled face [sounds a bit like a John Waters film] Of course Zsa hates the queen and conspires with the visiting spacemen to over throw her. The perfect part for Zsa Zsa, she just couldn’t help herself when it came to men.04-zsa zsa gabor - Google Search - Google Chrome 262014 13113 PM

Gabor has been married nine times. She was divorced seven times, and one marriage was annulled. Her husbands, in chronological order, are:

At a social affair, c. 1954 accompanied by international playboy and diplomat Porfirio Rubirosa (behind her, to the left)

Gabor’s divorces inspired her to make numerous quotable puns and innuendos about her marital (and extramarital) history. She commented: “I am a marvelous housekeeper: Every time I leave a man I keep his house. When asked, “How many husbands have you had?”, she was quoted as responding, “You mean other than my own?” While Gabor was still married to Conrad Hilton, she once admitted to having sexual relations with her stepson Nicky, future husband of Elizabeth Taylor

03-zsa zsa gabor - Google Search - Google Chrome 262014 13041 PM

It was a gift from one of my husbands

07-zsa zsa gabor - Google Search - Google Chrome 262014 13334 PM

Leopard [probably real] and a Rolls

10-LIFE With Zsa Zsa Gabor Rare Photos, 1951  LIFE.com - Google Chrome 262014 13721 PM

Poodles were a mandatory accessory

06-zsa zsa gabor - Google Search - Google Chrome 262014 13251 PM

The last one was royalty

I’ve saved the best for last “The Queen of Outer Space” for all you Sci Fi aficionados, The uniforms on the space men are the same ones used in “Forbidden Planet”

1-zsa zsa gabor queen of outer space - Google Search - Google Chrome 262014 23254 PM


Fashion Week Spreads Out

6 Feb

image http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/06/fashion/New-York-Fashion-Week-Lincoln-Center-New-York-City.html?nl=todaysheadlines&emc=edit_th_20140206&_r=0

The Rockabillies..

3 Feb
What a great book, terrific photos of retro style advocates. I am totally on board with this mind set. I never left the 50's (except for the 70's when I fully embraced the disco lifestyle.


Chanel.. Haute Couture.. Spring 2014

30 Jan

What can you say that hasn’t been said before Lagerfeld is a genius. The presentation was utterly unique, no trendy stuff for Karl, the set, the music, the choice of mannequins, all pure Chanel. The classic suit lives on in his modern interpretations, the low slung skirts the tight waists and the crop jackets were brilliant, very new. The fabrics are light, transparent but sumptuous at the same time, all glitter and loose knits as if produced by angels, with an array of color and texture that is pure Lagerfeld. I could go on and on…but watch the show and you will understand my excitement.

1-Spring-Summer 2014 Haute Couture CHANEL show - YouTube - Google Chrome 1302014 35455 PM

3-Spring-Summer 2014 Haute Couture CHANEL show - YouTube - Google Chrome 1302014 35707 PM

5-Spring-Summer 2014 Haute Couture CHANEL show - YouTube - Google Chrome 1302014 35722 PM


Spring 2014 ..the videos

28 Jan
An edgy group of videos from, Prada, McQueen, Lavin, Belstaff, Miu Miu

American Apparel …Just Plain Vulgar

18 Jan

I don’t even want to post the photos of the latest window display that American Apparel installed at their Houston Street Shop. I even hate to write this and give them the satisfaction of the publicity. Female mannequin anatomically correct right down [literally] to pubic hair is just plain vulgar.

I’ve been a visual merchandiser my entire life and in my younger days crossed a few line into bad taste but never anything as taboo as this. I am anything but prudish, and consider myself “modern” in the choices I make into display themes. The only consolation is that it’s just a window display and will soon disappear [none to soon for me]

The breasts I can deal with but the rest is just beyond my imagining.

The breasts I can deal with but the rest is just beyond my imagining.

Here’s the link….which I hesitate to post...http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/style/American-Apparel-mannequins-go-all-natural-Pubic-hair-shocks.html

The Golden Globes…I hate award shows

13 Jan
Award shows bore me to tears…I barely even know who most of the participants are. All those thank you’s are agonizing. I much prefer to see the red carpet shots the next day. For me there are only three categories, “Wow thats perfect” “What was she thinking?” and “no opinion” which is probably the worst thing I can say….Professionally I must review them, it’s my job to know what works and what doesn’t so here we go….the Wows first, based on the appropriateness of the garment on the woman who wears it.

Perfect Laura!

Truly elegant

Perfect choice, lovely

Sexy and so underplayed,perfect

A bit over the top but it works

Great dress for you

Chic and so appropriate

Stunning choice..gorgeous

This is the definition of age appropriate, beautiful

Less is always more

Very modern, love it

Unusual garment that works, great proportions

Now for the inappropriate garment match with the woman wearing it

Trying too hard to make a splash with that fishtail and could you push them up any higher?

It’s not a garden party..and why would you want to look older?

We love you Julia but those sleeves are awful this gown does nothing for you.

Uma you’re not Cher..too much going on and none of it is beautiful.

Julia this does nothing for your figure, but kudos for the Less is More

A stunning dress but you’re not at the ball Cinderella…too much dress.

The 80’s are long gone,what’s with that shoulder action? Thats one busy garment

Too much skirt and that belt has to go..looks like the Red Peril has arrived

Edie, Christmas is over why look like you have been re-gifted?

Tina…I don’t understand this at all

Next time leave the boyfriend at home

Not the best color choice for a blond, next time go black

Where do I begin? Everything is wrong

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