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Rick Genest

18 Sep

I can’t help myself I am completely fascinated by this. The photos are disturbing and exciting  simultaneously.

 Here’s the Link to a slideshow…..https://picasaweb.google.com/110585336863782076355/ZombieBoy#5653493003182506562


The Ze Bar in Shanghai

3 Apr

Here’s an interior that deserves thought. Utterly unique though it is I can help but think it’s not the first place I would choose for a romantic rendezvous. Striking as it is empty, I  think it needs a large standing crowd to give it life [which I’m sure is the designers intention]. It certainly focuses attention on the performance stage. A brilliant solution for a small low ceiling space. Heres the link to the whole story.   http://news.architecture.sk/2011/02/zebar.php

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