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Adele….Less is More… A controversy free event

13 Feb

I suppose everyone in the world watched the Grammys last night. What a show!..The staging was unparalleled….All the performers pulled out all the stops. A multi-media 3D pyrotechnic extravaganza. The Lady GaGa posed as Rick the zombie boy,Katy was dropped from outer space,Bruno channeled the Godfather [how can you lose with that?] The Beach Boys made me long for my days of innocence,with the kids from Foster the People and the tumbling act put on by Mr. Brown was extraordinary.

The irony lies in the tributes. Alicia and Bonnie’s rendition of Etta James “Sunday Kind of Love” was lovely and from a most unlikely pair.This year, for all the special effects and bling, the bittersweet death of Whitney made clear the fragility of talent, I’m sure all those present understood the reality of big time success and the unfulfilled longings experienced by those who “entertain” by exposing their vulnerabilities on the world stage. The self-destructive element in those who are truly creative and gifted with talent has been proven time and time again.


Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to Whitney Houston with  Dolly Parton’s “I will Always love You” brought a tear to my eye, for all of those who succumb under the weight of talent.

Adele exposes her emotions more than most. The popularity of her songs is unprecedented, due to their universal appeal. Everyone has lost a love at one time or another and whether we care to recognize it or not love is the bottom line in our lives. Her direct delivery sans all the FX trappings stood out among all performances due to lyric, a fact that some artists forget at times.“Less is More” and Adele gets it.


All in all this years Grammy’s were superlative, a Pan-stylistic look at popular artistry and taste.The productions, the performers, the music and the sobriety cast over the event by the fragility of those who lives are ruled by art and expression. A beautiful thing.


Have a Merry GaGa

22 Nov

GaGa for GaGa

Lady GaGa continues her climb to the top of popular culture. When Barney’s decides to put you in their Christmas windows you can achieve no higher status. Barney’s has a  zillion GaGa related products ready for those who have gone GaGa for GaGa. The Lady now has joined the elite few who have graced or disgraced the world famous temple to consumerism, Madonna, Bette Midler, Margaret Thatcher and BaBa Walters are but a few in the club [Cher refused which made her more famous].Fame is fleeting, who ever thought that the Material Girl would ever be replaced with a new version. She did. Now it’s GaGa’s turn. Be sure to grab up the gift du Noel before… the Lady to fades from view 

I was born this way,with a little help from producers,stylists and retail display     check it out..http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/22/nyregion/barneys-teams-with-lady-gaga-on-holiday-display.html?_r=1&smid=tw-nytimesarts&seid=auto

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