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Sears, Honor Built Homes

31 Oct


I’m posting this to make amends for my previous piece that tore to shreds Sears merchandising practices. Many of you may not know that many of our older suburbs contain hundreds of Sears “Honor Bilt” prefabricated homes. Sears Roebuck was the first company to turn homes into pre-cut kits. They offered every type of home imaginable, from cute “craftsman” bungalows to elaborate southern mansions


One could order from a catalog, a house that fit your regions vernacular. English Tudor for the Eastern seaboard, craftsman for the Midwest or Spanish revival for the south western states,
even Prairie style adapted from Frank Lloyd was available Anything was possible due to Sears ability to merchandise on a level that was unheard of in the early 20th century. Each kit came with instructions for the assembly of the numbered pre-cut components. One could customize by choosing hardware,lighting fixtures,exterior cladding and roofing. Sears also offered easy payment plans so that the average middle class owner could obtain the house of their dreams. Need I make any comments about our current middle class?




Next time your cruising around the neighborhood, look around these homes are still with us. A testament to the organizational, design and merchandising ability of the Sears Roebuck Company

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