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Westwood Takes a Stand on Violence

3 Jan

1-A Fashion Designer Uses Her Mannequins To Send A Message That Hurts - Google Chrome 132014 75405 AM

Vivienne Westwood has made her thoughts clear on violence aimed at women in Italy, a shocking window grabs attention. Yes occasionally one can use a store front to illustrate a cause other than fashion. Good for you Viv.

2-A Fashion Designer Uses Her Mannequins To Send A Message That Hurts - Google Chrome 132014 75358 AM

Things are tough in Italy…..http://www.upworthy.com/a-fashion-designer-uses-her-mannequins-to-send-a-message-that-hurts?c=ufb1

Lord and Taylor, nostalgic elegance in store

15 Dec
Christmas window displays have always played on nostalgia, we have Charles Dickens to thank for that. For years we saw animated 19th. Century London in department store windows (not that there is anything wrong with that) this years crop of display windows have put a new spin on the theme. Lord and Taylor is one of the few that have year after year relied on animation to capture the passing pedestrians attention. This year the store has departed from their usual. The current installation still finds its roots in turn of the century nostalgia with a twist. The use of a chaotic arrangement mixed with printed two-dimensional elements ( slightly reminiscent of a Bloomingdale’s approach) is a welcome change. A change I suspect is due to our poor economy an edict from management to “show the merchandise” and abandon the English “Christmas village” for an American approach. The results are wonderful, discreet product placement and minimal animation, (especially the paper doll dress change) is adorable. The miniature puppets dressed to kill and the images of L&T from long ago make for a throughly charming side-walk experience. Kodos to the display team for a beautiful set of windows.

A Parisienne Christmas

8 Dec


Not a Merry Christmas

17 Dec

Fullscreen capture 12172012 122107 PMI feel the need to write. For weeks I’ve been busy making Christmas for others, finally after 5 weeks of garland, lights and 12 hour days I arrived at the end of making Christmas for others. What a relief, now I  can try to make a little Christmas of my own. It has been three years since I put up a tree, the lingering recession and the lackluster retail activity made me want to forget Christmas all together.

This year felt better there was a feeling of recovery in the air. I decided to  put up my tree and I loved doing it (a drink helped my cheer) as I listened to carols..I even started my shopping and actually paid retail for a few gifts. My good spirit was to come to an abrupt end when I heard the news, an unspeakable tragedy in Sandy Hook. Last Friday I was engaged in a last-minute display “touch-up” so I had no idea what was happening in the real world until I arrived home and began the Email and FB ritual. A shock that upon reflection that was similar to the shock of 9/11  How could this be happening? a tragedy so sad it is impossible to comprehend. 28  souls cut down as they prepared for a school Holiday party. As I continued to seek information and details it grew worse in horror, 6 year olds and teachers. I was growing numb with disbelief  as I started to discover photos and videos describing the circumstances. Then I cried.

I had to stop watching it was just more than I could endure, I fixed dinner and went to bed.The next morning I woke up had my coffee and pulled up more news on the pad, it was getting worse, a 20-year-old with an assault weapon had committed this heinous act and killed his own mother. Unlike the night before when I was saddened I started to get mad, mad at the killer,mad at the guns and mad at what my country has become. The U.S.A. stats on death by gunfire are astronomical when compared to other countries that have passed legislation to limit or eliminate military firearms.

If I may at the risk of sounding selfish, the cause  of my anger is  another mass killing of innocents this time in an elementary  school. Death had cast a pall over my Christmas and that of many others as well, The  pre-recession Christmas I thought  was unfolding was not to be.  This senseless act of violence has made it difficult to embrace the season of “peace on earth and goodwill  toward man” How can one feel merry when those who were so wronged have had their holiday become forever an event for remorse and bitter memories. A national disgrace due to inability of our governing bodies to see the pattern of violence growing in our society.

When will we put an end to all this madness? For the last decade the state of our union has been in decline, wars, lies, self-interest, greed, violence, discrimination, extreme partisan politics in a useless Congress  the list is endless. The 60s of my teen years were hardly tranquil, I had my share of sit-ins and protests, but never anything like this. I always believed the U.S. was the most fair and civilized country in the world. I used to love my country. Is it just me? Am I looking back through eyes blinded by nostalgia at a time that never existed, due to my youth and naivety? or has America really become a  dangerous place to live.

The  future United States seems to be heading toward gated communities for the privileged walled up to protect themselves against the poverty-stricken crime ridden masses.

The disparity between the ruling class and the rest of us feels a bit  like “Let them Eat Cake” [ we all know where that led ]. When did we become so corrupt and when did it become possible to stack the Supreme court. Seems like every seat the both houses has a “For Sale” sign on it. Why has God been replaced with the worship of profit? Why do we all seem to be angry? This nation has become unrecognizable to me, it’s not the place I grew up in. I am concerned for our future. As a nation we must restore the compassion, sincerity and unselfish public service that made us the beacon of freedom and opportunity that we once were. Sandy Hook is the last straw,  it took their brutal sacrifice for us to hold the mirror to our selves and see the naked truth in the reflection. We must make their horrific deaths an agent for real change, to guarantee that there will never be another Christmas like this.

Bergdorf Goodman…Always Stunning Holiday Windows

2 Dec
ZeigFeld Follies

Ziegfeld Follies

This year the V.M. team at B.G.did it again. The theme is Follies,Ziegfeld,Busby Berkeley and “Some Like It Hot” [the perennial Norma Jean] every Display teams favorite, even Sally Rand makes an appearance. It’s an art deco extravaganza befitting the history and location of this iconic store. My congrats to David Hoey and his team for a job very well done.

check out this link for more..http://blog.bergdorfgoodman.com/windows/holiday-windows-2012-the-bg-follies#ad-image-4


A bit of Kitch for Kitchenette…

9 Nov

After four exhausting days of merchandising Kitchenette, we are ready for Christmas. My penchant for the slightly off-color tag lines has been fully realized, with some help from Anne Taintor,The shop has carried her products since the beginning, her sense of humor interfaces with mine, completely. Our location and city dwelling customer loves it. Nothing is as effective as a good laugh and Anne never fails to do so.  

More Kitchenette here    http://www.flickr.com/photos/vori52/sets/72157631966997126/

Gone to the Dogs

30 Sep

Upon occasion a window change can lead to a  new direction or maybe even real “Art”. I think I hit upon something today.Due to the various and endless opinions on what is “Art” and what is not, I will leave it to the viewer to decide [which is where it belongs anyway]Image

It’s Sunday afternoon and have a window change coming up in less than 10 hours, what to do?  much to my surprise I came up with a good attention-getter [I constantly amaze myself that I still have what it takes] The product is Fall suits and jackets in shades of blue, hence my tag is “True Blue” OK.. now what does true blue conger up? The first thing that came to mind are dogs,”Mans best friend” they are certainly true blue. Why not? everyone loves canines, can’t lose. First to Google then to Staples for printing, three hours later and I have a pack of pooches, mounted and cut out, little “standees” like in movie house lobbies.


“Sit.Stay” That’s a good boy

As I was cleaning the spray glue off the poor war-torn hands it occurred to me what a great photo opp they would make if I took them in front of my house and posed them around my planter and sidewalk tree [perfect i thought, every hipster in the hood lets them pee out there, now is my chance, a pee-less pooch or maybe a dog scare crow. Anyway it will be fun,what the hell.


Com’on Maggie do it for Daddy

Much to my surprise the effect was rather good,I spent a long time looking for above head for-shortened photos [easier to cut out who needs all those limbs] It looks like a dog, a strange dog,  but none the less humorous and humor sells.


“Rolf” says stay away from my tree

I was rather proud of my accomplishment so I posted on Face Book my friends all loved it, some even labeled it “Art”


I  think I’m on to something here or is it just another window display, maybe I’m channeling Patti Page. All that remains to be seen, although if the question. “How much is that doggie in the window?” pops up after I install this, I will know I crossed over…”Display as Art” and a new career. WOOF!

Life is Plastic

17 Feb

Stunning visuals


New York based fashion & beauty photographerTomaas created this gorgeous editorial using PLASTIC. It´s a striking conceptual shoot! For us, that always have been searching for eco, green things is super amazing to find such an inspirational work like this one. We don´t know exactly what was his idea, the story he wanted to tell us, but we can imagine and it´s a clever artwork.

Plastic has never looked so glam!

“Sorry I’m late but I bought these for you
Plastic flowers for your bed
Someday soon I’ll be by your side
And your flowers will never die”.

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Die Antwoord….Got some Stylin’ Goin On

9 Feb

I recently got turned on to Die Antwoord by a  friend. These South African Hip Hop artists have it goin on for sure.Love it or hate it I can’t deny the visual impact they possess in their videos. It’s Texas Chainsaw meets Dada anarchy with plenty of  carny sideshow thrown in. Dave Letterman had them on last week, I’m not sure what he thought of their performance [which was toned down for network broadcast] but I have to give him credit for having them on. Politically incorrect, without a doubt I am willing to forgive a few lyric statements do to the visual art in their presentation, disturbing,vulgar and violent, of course. Despite all that  I find myself  drawn to the erotic undertones and slight hint of social commentary they present. Never have I said that art has to be pretty to reach an emotional chord in the viewer. They focus their attentions on the very multi-cultural mix of South Africa and the conflicts that arise in such a divergent society.  I really like “I Fink U Freeky” and I like you alot….so do I.

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Showrooming; Time to Act

27 Jan


Showrooming, definition; Inspecting products in a brick and mortar in order to then purchase online at the lowest price. I have to admit I am guilty, more than once I have done so. Unforgivable, especially as my pose is the champion supporter of all things retail, brick and mortar in particular. This practice is another hurdle in a long line of developments that brick and mortar retailers are forced to jump. What to do?

Target, saw a decline in their sales of electronics last Christmas, this comes as no surprise. The irony of that lies in the fact that the very product and technology that we are embracing daily in our own retail lives can be formidable enemy and could be our undoing. As internet use increases and price comparisons are a google click away retailers have no choice but to wear two hats, it is imperative that brick and mortar both embrace the new social media and at same time make the store experience superlative. The one bright spot in all this challenge is the fact that reality “shopping” is Americas favorite sport. The virtual marketplace will never replace the pleasure of strolling urban blocks of fascinating shops laden with bags containing all the latest “must haves” on a bright afternoon in May.

The recession has raised price consciousness to unimaginable heights. How as a shop keeper do I overcome the question of price? Target has resorted to requesting proprietary products from their vendors, which they can get away with due to their size. Local retailers do not have that advantage, they must rely on the developement of a loyal customer base. It’s about service, product knowledge, follow-up and unique presentation that make the small local retailer appealing. Only by increasing the “percieved value” of the product can a retailer overcome price comparisons and win support to create a loyal customer. The price shopper will always be just that, about price. Single out those customers who value a more personal relationship and value your opinion.

At the onset of  economic distress I thought my career had ended. Time to start painting again and return to my roots. I am pleased to say that this year M.Fried and I have experienced a rebound. Maybe the recession has proved to be a positive influence. The retailing field has been culled of unnecessary participants and too many national acts. Those who survived the shake up are now poised to move forward armed again with the resolve to succeed. The recovery still lies before us. The time  to re-examine our business’s is now. Never since the advent of print advertising has retail faced such sweeping changes. The showroom is where it all begins whether virtual or brick and mortar or both, ask yourself, what am I doing to create customer loyalty? to eliminate price comparison. Retail is coming back now is the time to act. 

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