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Cynthia….the first mannequin

15 Jan
I’m sure that there are many VM’s out there that have no idea who Cynthia is or was. Cynthia was the first modern display mannequin. Her introduction caused a sensation when she was introduced back in 1937 by her creator Lester Gaba. She was the first practical mannequin, up until her mannequins were mostly French imports made of wax, that had a tendency to melt in summer heat, creating a ghoulish effect due to the glass eyes and real human teeth, think Vincent Price in the film “House of Wax”

Asylum…Simon Doonan..

12 Sep

If you are “in the bis” Simon's latest book is a 'le must” Mr Doonan's self deprecating sense of humor is the stuff of legend for all under-payed, over-worked mannequin schleppers,from working class towns (like me).

“At this point, dear reader, I should point out that my hometown of Reading is by no means far from the fashionably madding crowds of London. It was, in fact, only half an hour by train. But, like John Travolta’s character in Saturday Night Fever staring across at Manhattan from his home in Bay Ridge, I felt that it might just as well be a million miles away. So near and yet so far”

The cart is all so familiar,an essential tool for those who risk hernia or work in suburban malls.

Simon never held the belief that “Less is More” on the contrary “More is never Enough”

Simon has lifted the much maligned and unfashionable term “window dresser” to new heights of celebrity without ever forgetting his humble beginnings.

Read an excerpt on Slate; http://www.slate.com/articles/life/doonan/2013/09/simon_doonan_s_the_asylum_why_fashion_needs_working_class_kids_from_the.html


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